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Margot Lockwood & Ricky Flores

Margot Lockwood & Ricky Flores

"For The Results You Expect"

Margot Lockwood & Ricky Flores


I have been a successful full time Realtor since 1988. 
Although recognition is pleasing, the most cherished reward is a satisfied client.  Having been a Realtor since 1988,  I believe in building relationships by connecting with my clients and building their trust in me, not in having transactions.  My clients appreciate my extensive acquired knowledge of real estate opportunities.As a long-term resident of the area with years of experience, I have purchased and built numerous homes which provides a solid perspective on current and potential property value as well as construction costs and contacts.


Rank in the top 1% of agents in Northern California. Although recognition is pleasing, my best reward is a satisfied client. I believe in building relationships, not making transactions. My clients appreciate my knowledge and insight of real estate opportunities, which results from my strong community affiliations. Personal Information As a single mother of two girls, I am involved with the school and community which offers unique access to information and opportunities. I enjoy the quality of lifestyle here and strive to make it accessible to all my clients. Technical expertise, area knowledge, and high standards of performance ensure an excellent level of service for every client.  My dedication, passion and professionalism has endeared me to my clients.


I am involved with the community, the schools and  the California Board of Realtors which offer a unique access to information and opportunities.  I enjoy the quality of lifestyles I have achieved here and strive to make the same available to all my clients. Serving the community with involvement in Silicon Valley Associate of Realtors as Director of Menlo/Atherton/Woodside/Portola Valley District, California Assoication of Realtors (CAR) Director, Woodside PTA President, Menlo Atherton High School Site Council Represtative, Woodside Recreation Commission, Woodside Coop Nursery School Membership Chairman and various other organizations. I work with many other organizations in an effort to return some of the good fortune that I've received from this fantastic community.

Professional Philosophy

Understanding the attention required to complete each transaction satisfactorily, I listen to clients needs and concerns, determine their financial abilities, organize the details, and negotiate in the best interest. I accompany my clients during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the homes they are visiting based on current market conditions. Each unique real estate decision involves emotions which I acknowledge and work with. Application of excellent creativity, leadership and enterprising spirit has  helped sellers to make quick and smooth transactions. My diligence, perseverance and responsiveness has not only helped me close each sale with mutual satisfaction between buyer and seller, but build the long term relationships I most value.

  I understand the importance of your real estate decision and the attention required to complete the transaction efficiently. I promise to listen to your needs and concerns, organize the details and negotiate in your best interest. My technical expertise, area knowledge and high standards of performance are unparalleled. However my level of service is what my clients most appreciate. Diligence, perseverance and responsiveness not only helps close the sale but builds the long term relationships that I most value.